"Music has always been
at the core of my filmmaking process.
Rhythms, harmonies, colors and mouvements
always structure my work..."


20+ years of experience as a singer, an actor and a musician (after I graduated of the music and dramatic art conservatory) allowed me to fully understand the industry I am now working in as a DoP and cinematographer. It's always been important to me to master not only my job but the key elements that surround it, which led me to learn lighting and audio systems, sound engineering, and more during my whole career. Since I've always absorbed all the different techniques and technologies pertaining to what I do, some people started calling me "Sponge" !

I now live in Paris and work mainly between here and London as a DoP and cinematographer and I've been working for many brands in the fashion, music and other artistic industries.

Since I've been working with pictures (moving and/or still), I realised my way of looking at things around me ; places, people, anything, was altered completely. You can't switch off. Actually, you just don't want to. Inspiration is everywhere and you want to take it all in so it can nourish your next project, give you answers you don't know just yet. It's addictive and I included it in my process so that I can keep growing and always find new ways to express myself and go beyond my clients expectations.

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01Cinema Kit (pro. camera)

- Blackmagic Ursa Mini camera 4K (EF)

+ Blackmagic Video Assist 4K

+ Samyang lens 16mm f2.2

+ Sygma lens 18-35mm (f3.5 - 4.5)

+ Canon lens 24-70mm f2.8

02DSLR Kit (reflex)

+ Nikon D750 (FX - Full frame)

+ Nikon D7000 (DX)

+ Atomos Ninja 2 (Prores recorder)

+ Nikon lens 24-70mm f2.8

+ Nikon lens 50mm f1.4

+ Nikon lens 135mm f1.8

03Gimbals, tripods & more

- DJI Ronin M - Gimbal

- Benro tripod S8 - A673TMBS8

- Manfrotto tripod + video head HDV701

- Rod Block Handle by 'Shape'

- DJI Osmo Mobile